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 Scrolling through 5k+ jobs is exceptionally daunting and time-consuming. Virtualfair AI Bot helps find jobs that accurately match your skills and experiences to reduce the time you spend on your job search with the smart search filter. Simply enter the desired job title, relevant skills, and location, and leave the rest to the Virtualfair AI Bot to do its work and discover the top jobs that suit you the best.

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Virtualfair extension also indicated your “Match Score” with its AI Job Hacking feature. The “Match Score” feature gives you full transparency on how well you align with the position based on your experiences and skills. This way, you can land the job of your dreams with deeper insights in a shorter time with ease.

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We utilized the power of artificial intelligence to prioritize your job search automatically. Now it detects, highlights, and prioritizes the most relevant jobs for you. 

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Virtualfair has been a great resource for me to find the job I want. The smart search and match score feature made me feel more confident in applying for any jobs!
Rene Cheng
B.A. @University of California, Berkeley
I was blown away by this product. It allowed me to expand my job search and easily find job postings that I like and are a fit for my profile.
Aditya Ratnaparkhi
M.S. @University of Maryland
This Google Chrome extension's smart search and match score features allowed me to find the jobs I am qualified for, so I didn't have to waste time looking through tons of job listings where only a few fit what I was looking for!
Katherine Hua
B.A. @Carnegie Mellon University
It's a must-have for searching for internships! All recent graduates and students who are looking for an internship should definitely use this.
Albert Lee
B.A. @Boston University

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